DigiCare,Inc allows people to access care within their lifestyle regardless of age and technology orientation. This method will increase overall population health and overtime the U.S. population health will have the ability to manage healthcare cost more effectively.

Providers, e.g. physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing, home healthcare etc., have been and continued to be inundated with Healthcare IT investments, but many of the technologies are proprietary and lack a timeline for a breakeven and profit validation. DigiCare’s methods, tools, and technologies are open system and business driven.



The current healthcare industry lacks data sharing across the patient care continuum. DigiCare’s proprietary IoT technology design provides the capability to capture data from the current fragmented healthcare system and generate actionable information to strategically address access to care, provider care quality and rising healthcare cost.

Data is the future currency of https://ativanusa.com/ healthcare, everyone talks about Big Data, but few understand the innovation required to make data work for healthcare consumers to improve care, prevent ACA penalties, control costs, and generate profits. DigiCare,Inc is an expert at utilizing data to generate value and gain insight.