Clayvard has been in the business of proprietary trading and advisory services since 1992 – trading and investing in public and private companies.  

Over the years, we have invested in thousands of companies. Our recent focus has mainly been on investing in game-changing concepts and technologies. Our principal services relate to the creation and management of fully bespoke portfolios that meet the needs of each institutional client.

We provide Asset Management services to institutional clients, and we are regulated as an Investment Advisors in the US, and as a Mutual Fund Management company in the British Virgin Islands.

Elsewhere, we partner with local companies to fulfil client requirements as needed.

Registered in the British Virgin Islands (company number: 60797) with operating subsidiaries in the US and UK.



Lexit Financial Group

Clayvard co-founded an institutional brokerage firm called Lexit Financial Group, based in New Jersey and London. Lexit was an electronic direct market access brokerage that provided electronic trade execution services to over 100 top European and American financial institutions.

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Lexit Sold

Lexit was sold in 2003 to a publicly held European financial institution. The shareholders who wanted to sell their shares did so in the open market, and those who wanted to stay on enjoyed an additional 550% return on the acquisition price over the next few years.

Qarma Project


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